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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New preschool blog...

Soooo I have never had this happen to me but....
Ive been a bit crazy uploading tons..... yes tons of photos of your darling little ones learning and growing at preschool.... and now my blog has locked me out... they said I have used up all the space on this blog soooo I have to do something different... for now my FB page for Lovin 2 Learn is working... Thanks for being you and having such wonderful children.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nov 19...4 year Thanksgiving Feast

Our Thanksgiving Feast.....lots of hungry little Indians today ready for fun..food..singing..and finishihing our Thankful books...
Just look how great these little Indians look...











 Brielle had the mystery bag....she was so excited to share what she had in the bag she wouldn't even let me peek....She had yummy cookies to share with the class and some beautiful rocks and sea shells

Kendyl is the special leader today.....the kids love it when Miss Aly and Kendyl come to class...Yea I think I have them trained to look at me so I can see all their faces....CUTENESS!!!
Getting ready to have singing time and practicing for our Christmas program...

Brielle had Ozzie over the weekend....Its hard when your at the end of the list to wait your turn....she had so much fun with him....I think he came back a little bit smaller because hes been loved so much...Thanks for taking such good care of him Breanne.

Our Thanksgiving Feast...YUM YUM!!!
I had asked the kids what they like to eat at Thanksgiving dinner....this is the answers I got...so I tried to fix what they wanted
Turkey..mashed potatoes...rolls...jello...broccoli yep broccoli..carrots and pumpkin pie
Sophie loved her jello and pototoes the best.

These two Bailee and Aliza were such great eaters they loved the Turkey.

Brielle and Breanne...cute girls

Crew and John...crazy boys.

Ell and Arri pulling their happy face..

John..Lila and Kendyl lovin the Thanksgiving feast.

I made them each their own little pumpkin pie....WANT SOME?

Arri happy girl with her pumpkin pie.

Bailee and one of her suer cute smiles.

Miles ready to dive into his pupkin pie...I think this was his second.

And Cameron had to have her photo taken....cute busy body!!!

And the finished books......all month we've been working on them

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov 19...3 year class Thanksgiving feast

Our Thanksgiving Feast...
Today we had our Thanksgiving FEAST just look at these little Indians...

 The cutest little Indian ...Maya
 Tyce standing so brave and tall he said he was the Chief...

Grant...knows how Indians dance....just ask him.

Talen making Indian noises...
 Jared loving being a Indian today...

Ryne...what a great little Indian...

The kids were so excited they get to take home their Thankful books they have worked on all month...they turned out so stinkin cute...PRICELESS!!

Maya working on her Thankful book...
 So take a peek at some of the pages in these books....the cutest thing ever...

I sooo LOVE this Tyce spent so much time on his photo of his dad...he said to me doesn't that look just like my dads hair...Of courses it does!!!

Maya drew photos of her two little baby brothers....soooo cute!!!

I wish I had a photo of Talens photos of his Papa and Mema...PRICELESS!!! I just cant stand it !!

Rynes Thankful for his house and friends....GREAT job Ryne!!

Jared had sooo many great pages but his favorite was this one of his family!!!

Grants favorite page was of his brothers...soooo darling!

Our Thanksgiving feast was so YUMMY...we had trukey...mashed pototoes...jello with whip cream...apples...rolls...juice...and our very own little pumpkin pies with LOTS of whip cream...
we talked about the Pilgrems and Indians and read our Thanksgiving book.
What a great day...

Practicing for our Christmas program.....